Marc (aka 'the cycologist') is a trained bike mechanic and wheel builder operating out of Milford in Surrey covering Godalming, Haslemere, Guildford and surrounding areas. In 2019, after a successful career in IT, he decided to turn his hobby into a new career and retrained with The Bike Inn, Cumbria. Marc now offers a full range of bike maintenance and servicing, bringing the same high standards and attention to detail to bear in a new field.



All services include:

  • Collection and delivery in Godalming, Guildford and Haslemere areas (further afield for an additional fee)

  • Full operational safety check

  • Test ride and adjustment upon delivery

  • Boxed bicycle assembly and separate component servicing also available (please enquire for pricing)

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£75* + PARTS

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A full bike service ensuring optimum operation and performance of your bicycle:


  • Chainset, chain and cassette removed, deep-cleaned, re-fitted and lubricated

  • Front and rear derailleurs removed, deep cleaned and re-fitted

  • Gears set-up and indexed

  • Brake pads removed and cleaned or replaced

  • Disc brake rotors (where fitted) removed and cleaned

  • Nuts and bolts torqued to recommended limits

  • Frame, fork and wheels cleaned

  • Wheels checked for true


  • Tyres inflated and chain lubricated

*£60 if booked within 6 weeks of a Basic Bike Check



An 11-point health check for bikes needing only minor adjustments:  


  • Front and rear derailleurs

  • Chain and gear sprockets 

  • Front and rear wheel hubs

  • Brake pads (rim brakes or disc brakes)

  • Brake and gear cables

  • Bottom bracket

  • Headset, steering and seat height

  • Wheels checked for true

  • Tyres 

Additional checks on bikes with hydraulics:

  • Brake hoses

  • Front and rear suspension

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£150 + PARTS

The following component services are carried out in addition to the Standard Service:


  • Bottom bracket service

  • Wheel hub service

  • Headset service​

  • Wheel trueing in stand

Components are removed, deep cleaned with a bio-degradable degreaser, refitted using appropriate lubricants and tightened to the correct torque setting for the component.



Servicing of individual components may be booked on request, or combined with either of the service packages for a tailor-made service.


  • Accessory fitting (muguards, childseat, basket etc)

  • Broken spoke replacement

  • Puncture repair

  • Tube and/tyre replacement

  • Tubeless tyre conversion

  • Wheel hub service

  • Hydraulic brake bleed

  • Hydraulic fork service

  • Drivetrain service

  • Shifter service

  • Wheel build

  • Other services by agreement



Marc Cousins

Milford, Surrey


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